About the project

The main aim of this project is to develop a culture of behavior and to increase the knowledge and skills of primary and secondary school students to respond to emergencies such as natural and human-instigated disasters and crises, responding to the changing environment in Europe, based on modern approaches and social constructivism through the use of ICT-based tools.

This project will be realized through the implementation of 6 activities, including the development of 5  intellectual products and the pilot activities for testing the platform and the educational game  with representatives of the target groups. Activities in general are:

  • Action 1 "Holistic Training Educational model" - including desktop analysis of the situation in partner countries regarding the study of the level of relevance of the "security" topic in the learning activity, the analysis of the training models on the topic, the preparation of materials and topics to be included in the platform, on-line courses, and the manual;
  • Action 2 "E-learning platform" - developing a distance learning platform based on modern ICT where self-learning materials and knowledge self-assessment will be uploaded;
  • Action 3 "Online Courses"- developing of 3 courses presenting six different thematic areas  - natural disasters (earthquake, floods, fires), anthropogenic disasters (terrorism, violence) and first medical aids; 
  • Action 4 "Educational game" - development of game covering topics from natural - human disasters, aiming at forming a culture and automating the students' behavior for reaction in such situations;
  • Action 5 "Piloting" - testing of the platform testing and on-line game to the students to determine the level of impact and the effects of applying these approaches;
  • Action 6 "Handbook" - developing a handbook in two parts - instructions for ensuring a secure environment in school and curricula to include the subject of security in the learning process

A very important instrument for improving the NHD PLAY innovative learning impact is the gaming facility which comes as a core ingredient of NHD PLAY platform. The platform simplifies the development of a wide range of games, quizzes and others gamification instruments. The planned instruments range from simple quizzes to fairly complex, rule-based, multi-party, context-aware games. To cope with the needs of specialized training, NHD PLAY will adopt a Learning Management System which will enable both local (in-field) and remote training (i.e., e-training). E-training is structured in 3 courses presenting six different thematic areas  - natural disasters (earthquake, floods, fires), human-instigated disasters (terrorism, violence) and first medical aids. They will be made available to trainees as interactive material in a multi-lingual, self-assessments and media-rich form. Courses will be developed so as to address the needs of different types of users (e.g., students with disabilities). Other innovative instrument is NHD PLAY game. It is an essential ingredient of the project architecture as it increases the educational impact of the platform. Social gaming is a very important emerging field that significantly promotes the educational objectives of the pursued framework.

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